​The Ministry of Health reports that “it has taken the necessary measures so that as many candidates as possible, who are registered in the clinical residency, were able to choose a place or position by specialty.” Yes, the minimum passing score was also lowered from 65% to 60% this year, so that “as many candidates as possible could choose a position.”

place of residencePhoto: AGERPRES

Announcement of the Ministry of Health:

  • The maximum score in the clinical residency was 936 points, and the minimum passing score on the initial scale of 65% was 608 points. In this situation, a maximum of 3,696 candidates could choose a place or position by specialty out of 4,327 places.
  • Taking into account the need to cover as many positions and places as possible in the competition for residency, especially in areas that are in short supply – family medicine, emergency medicine, ATI, etc., today, by joint order, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved a measure that allows as many young doctors to enter residency as possible. So, today it was decided to lower the minimum passing threshold from 65% to 60%, as in previous years.
  • “Early training of a sufficient number of specialists is a priority of the personnel policy of the Ministry of Health. Young doctors must have a secure job after graduation, and patients in Romania must receive care from future generations of specialists!” This was announced by the Minister of Health Alexandrou Rafila.