Austria: Train on fire – 200 passengers evacuated

About 200 passengers were evacuated from the train on Wednesday evening after it burst into flames while passing through an underground tunnel, Austrian authorities said.

A total of 45 passengers suffered minor injuries, possibly due to smoke inhalation, local police told AFP.

A train bound for Hamburg (Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) was passing through a tunnel near the Austrian Alps city of Innsbruck in the evening when an overhead power line was cut, a spokesman for the Austrian railway company ÖBB told AFP. .

In addition to passengers, the train included vehicles, one of which caught fire due to the fall of a cut cable, the press service explained.

“The fire was extinguished at 22:19. [τοπική ώρα· 23:19 ώρα Ελλάδας] and the hasty evacuation of passengers ended at 23:40 [00:40]”, the spokesman added.

The ÖBB train left Vienna on Wednesday evening and was due to arrive in Amsterdam on Thursday morning.

Source: RES-IPE

Author: newsroom

Source: Kathimerini

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