lawyer is the first work intended for the stage, belonging to one of the most famous Hungarian authors – Molnar Ferenc. This fragment will go further Devil, Watchman, Olympia, Swan, Games in the castle, Marshal, Life and death of the debater. Undoubtedly, it remains Molnar’s most famous work Lily which, fortunately, still occasionally appears on the posters of Romanian-language theaters. She was attracted by high-level directors such as Andrii Sherban and Viktor Ioan Frunze.

Mircea MorariuPhoto: Personal archive

lawyer belongs to the genus so-called well made pieces. With a tense plot, with theatrics, with characters fooling each other, with people who have no idea what those who think they know everything are doing. The genre originated and developed in France, where it got its name vaudeville, quickly spread throughout Europe, all the way to the United States, where it is still making waves on Broadway. He also had new promoters, especially in the interwar period, one of whom, Tudor Muschatescu, wrote not only his own songs, but also a constant number of localizations.

With the performance of lawyer it seems that the Secuesca Theater in Tirgu Mures would have started many, many years ago. Today’s national. Now the piece is back on the bill in a revised form, with Keller Desso and Bela Zerkowitz contributing to the new formula. And what vaudeville really means music track,lawyer took, at the Corpse Tompa Miklos, directed by Attila Kerestesh, a form of musical show, fun, lively, with a very often crazy rhythm. This is entertainment at its best. Which made even the critic laugh, who knew both from books and from fellows that his vaudeville, please tabloid piece it only represents a trifle, a trifle which can only be an excuse at most descriptive show.

Yes, lawyer it’s a musical show. With an orchestra in the pit, with instrumentalists dressed in black suits, in famous costumes melon hats (Korpos András, Kostyák Márton, Sántha Huba József, Apostolache Kiss Zénó) and with a soloist of the highest class. A vocalist, as they say today. None other than the actor Bokor Barna, who sings either as a tenor, or as a baritone, or in a soprano or mezzo-soprano voice called head’s voice, but as a countertenor of songs intended for all heroes. Bokor Barna demonstrates a phenomenal performance, and colleagues on the stage are able to develop at the appropriate moments in a frankly parodic way.

The characters are lawyers, interns or their secretaries, men with matrimonial inclinations, teenage girls in love but weak in history and algebra, withered old women who have not yet completely lost their taste for adventure (they also want to see a thief in the flesh). and blood), exhausted teachers on the verge of physical decay, maids reminiscent of female characters with criminal tendencies in Lesson Ionesco, holding huge knives and speaking in a hoarse voice. Cavernous. We have, of course, a thief who, not only by origin, i.e. by the pen of Molnar Ferenc, but also by the will of the director and thanks to the exceptional performance of Gallo Erno, known as a rubber actor, has become very likable.

The thief Puzser, brilliantly played, as I said, by Gallo Ernjo, is rescued 15 times from prison by Dr. Dragon, played by Kovacs Botond. Dr. Dragon is hungry not only for money and clientele, but also for fame. Together with the aforementioned Puser, he hatches a plan that, thanks to terrifying twists and, of course, some unexpected drama, also exposes the infidelity of his wife (Kadar Noemi), as well as the fact that Drakon is a cuckold and the ineptitude about the policeman Chato (Roja Laszlo ) and secret agents (Nagy Peter and Nagy Levente), as well as the love story between Lenke (Kiss Bohr) and Bertalan (Tamasz Fabian Chanad). The miraculous plan also leads to the failure of the ten-year graduation celebration, in which Cheresny (Varga Balas) and two unruly teachers (Meshesi Oskar and Balint Orsh)). The same plan still worksand reveal the intimate origins of the old governess (Fodor Pirosska) or the maid (Beno Kinga). Everything could turn into a disaster. Which does not happen, because the thief Puszér is the savior.

lawyer it’s a black and white show. The black-and-white decor, designed by Kerest Attila, resembles either Stanislavsky’s black box or a cinema screen. More precisely, in the big German. There is, however, something, a cinematic halo, about the whole performance. We also have a pendulum, as in A bald singerwe also have, as i said, a girl in the house that we are thinking about Lesson. It is not for nothing, because outstanding researchers have proved it in quite a lot of detail theater of the absurd, as Martin Esslin called it, has its origins in vaudeville. The costumes, designed by Aleta Lokodi, are also black and white, and I don’t know how it happened that in the first moments of the performance they also made me remember the already mythological show with A bald singer Tompa.

somehow lawyer from the National in Tirgu Mures is absolutely wonderful entertainment. Which one is worth seeing, and which price for three hours will help you feel good in your viewing seat. Read the whole article and comment on