Because soap can make us “magnets” for mosquitoes

According to recent research, the smell of soap may make us a more attractive target for mosquitoes.

Research published in the journal iScience found that washing with certain soaps attracted mosquitoeswhile other soaps repel. These results varied from person to person as a result of the interaction between soap and each person’s unique odor profile.

To conduct the study, the research team characterized tthe chemical smells of four volunteers when they were unwashed and after they were washed with four different brands of soap.

The researchers only used mosquitoes that have mated recently as men mosquitoes feed exclusively plant nectarwhile women they eat blood just after mating.

“The fact that we’re taking these floral, fruity fragrances and putting them on our body means that the same object smells like a flower and a person at the same time,” said Clement Vinager of Virginia Tech and State University, who led the work. . .

David Price, Associate Certified Entomologist at Mosquito Joe, states: “Mosquito Joe is more attractive to mosquitoes after washing with certain types of soap than when they are unwashed, due to the combination of ingredients, individual response to these ingredients, and how they are absorbed into the skin. leather’.

“Genetically, the female mosquito is designed to feed on blood to fertilize eggs, and by nature, certain soap odors cause a different reaction in the insect,” he adds.

Price also recommends soaps containing neem oil or its fatty acid. Coconut oil. “Scientifically proven to repel mosquitoes in different countries,” he explains.

According to the Wall Street Journal

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Source: Kathimerini

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