Manifesto Florin Salam reacted live on TikTok for the first time after being picked up by police and taken to a fraud hearing on Thursday morning. Salam claims that from now on he will work as a “professional”, under contract, so that there are no more “rumours”.

Artist Florin SalamPhoto: YouTube recording

After sitting at the hearing for about three hours, according to Digi24, the manelist went live on TikTok.

“I came out to defend myself and say to you, who needs my services, talk to me personally so that I can assume before you everything, everything, everything that your desires mean, yes? And as? Negotiable There are no other discussions from now on with absolutely anyone, except for the contract, brother, with some clauses. That’s all, finally we work as professionals so that there are no more similar situations with rumors and I don’t know what,” said Florin Salam.

Florin Salam, brought to the hearing

Police officers from Tirgovishte executed an arrest warrant on Thursday morning in the case of Florin Salam, who has repeatedly refused to appear at hearings. Florin Salama’s lawyer stated in the presence of the press that the summonses would have been sent to another address, so the manelist would not have appeared at the meeting.

A man from Dambovitsa accuses a chanteuse that he paid him €5,500 to sing at his wedding, but Florin Salam did not keep his promise.

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On the day of the event, he turned off his phone. The injured man could not claim compensation through the court, as he did not have a signed contract with Florin Salam.

The man’s lawyer stated that he has concrete evidence of the deal with Florin Salam: WhatsApp conversations and photos with the manelist, as well as witnesses who were present at the meetings.

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