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There are several types of films: those whose plot is completely fictional and not based on a real story, and those that, on the contrary, tell about real events. In this category we find, in particular, biographical films, these films are based on the life of an individual. And there are obviously a lot of them, since we are of course thinking about “The Social Network”, which tells about the life of Mark Zuckerberg or even La Môme, about Edith Piaf. But there are others, about almost all the stars and other public figures who marked history in their own way.

New movie

And the car is no exception, on the contrary. Indeed, Apple TV + offers a series called Finding Carlos Ghosn, a series about the former businessman. But the ex-general director is not the only one who appears on the screens. Indeed, there are also rumors that soon Elon Musk may become the subject of a film. In fact, they even say that the studio is already preparing the latter Cinema A24 located in New York. It is director Darren Aronofsky, who is behind Black Swan, who would be responsible for this ambitious project, about which we know very little so far.

Endorsed by Elon Musk

In any case, the project appears to have been confirmed by a key stakeholder who posted on X (formerly Twitter) confirming that “ Darren Aronofsky is the best ” and that this is very good news. However, they say that it is a feature film will also return to the criticized aspects and the dark side of the businessman, who regularly found himself at the center of various controversies. It remains to be seen when the film will be released!

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