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Caterham will soon introduce its first electric sports car. The British brand announced through the official Project V teaser, its first model equipped with a battery, which will be presented on July 11.

The English manufacturer defines Project V as “Easy and fun to drive” and like it “The very essence of a sports car with an electric motor”. Beautiful promises for a model that will undoubtedly mark a turning point in the history of the brand.

Electricity and light

The photo, released as a teaser, shows the silhouette of the mid-engined sports car, with a cockpit located in the center of the car, a squat rear end and a curved, highly aerodynamic front end. As such, the Project V should be completely different from the Seven, the most iconic model (and so far the only one) in the entire range.

The first information about this model was made public by Caterham CEO Bob Leishley in an interview with Autocar last fall. The car will be developed on the company’s platform and designed for an electric power plant. This platform should be able to accommodate only one electric motor on the rear axle, thus providing pure traction.

This Caterham will emphasize lightness, p weight, according to the first estimates, is about 700 kg. Semi-light weight for an electric car, certainly with a small battery (and therefore a rather low range) and heavy use of carbon fiber.

For the track, but not only

According to the brand, Project V will be a sporty “20-15-20”. What does it mean ? This is a term specific to sports electrics and may become more popular in the future. It just means that the car can be used for 20 minutes at high intensity on the track, then stopped for 15 minutes for a quick charge, then back on the track for another 20 minute session.

It is possible that this tuning will affect only certain versions of the car, while others will be more focused on comfort and use on open roads.

Either way, Caterham’s CEO said the brand’s aim would be to produce at least 1,000 units a year, with a higher price tag than the seven, which currently sits at around €42,000 for the base version.

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Author: Yann Lethuyer
Source: Auto Plus

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