General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, who is responsible for Ukraine’s operations in the south, said that Russian forces have reduced the number of airstrikes against Ukraine, but increased infantry activity on the front line in the southeast of the country.

Russian soldiers fire mortars on the front line in UkrainePhoto: Stanislav Krasilnikov / Sputnik / Profimedia

In a Telegram post on Sunday, Tarnavskyi reported: “In the area where the Tavriy air defense was held, the activity of the occupiers’ infantry increased again – 55 combat operations took place.”

“Over the past day, the enemy lost 440 soldiers and 9 units of military equipment. About ten occupiers surrendered. The activity of the enemy’s aviation is low – five airstrikes were recorded during the day. At night, the enemy launched anti-aircraft missile strikes on the Donetsk region,” the Ukrainian commander said.

General Tarnavskyi specified that the Russian attacks were repulsed in several regions and that in Zaporizhzhia the Russians tried 12 times without success to recover the positions which he said they had lost in the areas south of Robotyn and west of Verbovoy.

He added: “At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to conduct an offensive operation in the direction of Melitopol, causing losses in personnel and equipment to the occupying forces and exhausting the enemy along the entire front line.”

Meanwhile, Russian forces scaled back the offensive on the industrial city of Avdiyivka in eastern Ukraine, which they had been trying to capture since mid-October, and unofficial information from the region indicated that they had failed to capture the ruined city of Maryinka in the southwest. , as some Russian sources reported the other day.


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