Republicans – Chris Christie: nomination with … flavor of opposition

former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christieofficially entered the race to be anointed their president Republicans in the internal party elections of 2024

Due to his low popularity (about 1–2%), many American media outlets note that his main goal is rather to “sabotage his campaign”. Donald Trump“Instead of being elected. Although Christie was defeated state by state in the 2016 intra-partisan election and later sided with Trump, in 2020 he finally withdrew his support for the former president. “Donald Trump divided us and made less. Turn one against the other. Every day, one group attacks another,” he said in his speech, calling Trump “a lonely selfish, addicted to a mirror.” Christie is expected to speak live on CNN in New York on Monday, where he will answer questions from Anderson Cooper and an audience of mostly Republican voters.

At the moment, the two favorites for the Big Old Party presidential nomination are Donald Trump and Ron de Sandys, who are gaining about 50% and 20% respectively in national polls. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and former US Vice President Mike Pence also filed bids against the president who appointed him to the post.

The former governor of New Jersey is officially in the race for the nomination with the goal of “torpedoing the Trump campaign” rather than getting elected.

In addition, in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said he also intends to run for president. Born into a peasant family in the state, which later began to rule. According to the New York Times, Burgum started out as a chimney sweep and studied economics at Stanford University along the way. A few years later, he founded the accounting software company Grait Plains Software, which he sold to Microsoft in 2011 for $1.1 billion.

Who is Burgum?

Although relatively unknown in the rest of the country, Burgum easily won the 2020 elections in his state. As governor, he passed a series of conservative measures banning abortion after the 6th week of pregnancy (even in cases of rape) and restricting transgender athletes. participation in a series of events. The owner of a huge fortune, Burgum, who supported Donald Trump for the previous two-four years, promised that if elected, he would focus on the economy.

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Source: Kathimerini

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