A neurologist from Bucharest, who was under the influence of alcohol in combination with benzodiazepine drugs, is under judicial supervision, accused of cutting the internet cable and light sensor in a cafe in Sector 1 with a machete. In December, he allegedly entered the the very cafe where the premises were set on fire.

Police carPhoto: Adrian Ilincescu/ HotNews.ro

According to the press release of the capital police, on Sunday the policemen of the 1st station caught red-handed and later detained a 33-year-old man accused of vandalism. He was taken under judicial control for 60 days.

The investigation was started after a woman reported to the 1st police department by phone 112 that around 01:00 she noticed on video cameras that a person entered a cafe in the 1st microdistrict and allegedly cut an electric cable. Internet services, as well as the power cable connected to the light sensor, are located outside the premises.

The man, who was holding a machete with a blade about 55 centimeters in his hands, was grabbed at the door of the cafe, he was called by the police, but he tried to run away, the Metropolitan Police said.

Expanding the investigation, investigators found that the man also caused destruction at the same cafe on December 16, when he allegedly set fire to the warehouse, destroying several goods, including electronic devices, causing approximately 7,000 lei in damages.

Sources at the court told HotNews.ro that the man is a neurologist at the Dorobanti Diagnostic and Treatment Center and was under the influence of alcohol and some benzodiazepine drugs when he committed the acts.

The manager of the “Zato” cafe alerted the police, and when the police arrived, the man tried to escape by running out into the nearby streets and was caught at the entrance of a nearby residential building.

According to the photos provided by the cafe’s administrator, it was established that on December 16, he entered the “Zota” cafe and set fire to the premises for storing goods.