During his African tour, President Klaus Iohannis was awarded the Order of Amilcar Cabral by the President of Cape Verde, the country’s highest award. In turn, Iohannis presented him with the “Star of Romania” order in the rank of Kolan. During his travels around the world, Johannis amassed an impressive collection of honors offered by foreign heads of state as a courtesy, a collection far greater than that of the presidents who preceded him.

Klaus Iohannis and some of the awards received as presidentPhoto: Colaj fanatik.ro

Thus, in the collection of Yohannis there are no less than 27 awards received in the form of necklaces, crosses, lenses, ribbons, stars, most of which were awarded by other heads of state during bilateral meetings. By comparison, Ion Iliescu won 13 awards in two terms, including the Star of the Socialist Republic of Romania, which he received in 1971 before falling out of favor with Nicolae Ceausescu. Emil Constantinescu was awarded 11 times, and Traian Basescu received 14 awards from foreign heads of state.

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