The Judicial Inspection announced on Tuesday that it appealed the decision of the Section of Prosecutors in Disciplinary Cases of the High Council of Magistrates (VCM), which rejected the disciplinary responsibility of the Judicial Inspection against the Vice President of the CSM, Daniel Horodnichan, after the scandal with the policemen who stopped him in traffic.

Prosecutor Daniel Horodnicanu, vice-president of CSMPhoto: AGERPRES

The judicial inspectorate reported that it has filed an appeal against the decision of the Department for Disciplinary Responsibility of Prosecutors of the Ukrainian SSR dated November 8.

The decision of the prosecutor’s department in disciplinary cases of the High Council of Magistracy was not final and could be appealed to the Supreme Court.

In June, the Judicial Inspectorate announced the disciplinary action against Daniel Horodnichan for “aggressive, intimidating attitude that can put interlocutors in a humiliating situation.”

The judicial inspectorate then reported that “court inspectors established the following:

  • The actions of the prosecutor, who, being stopped in traffic by police officers, spoke arrogantly, in raised tones, showed an aggressive, intimidating attitude that could put the interlocutors in a humiliating position, which contradicts their behavior in public places, any magistrate is disciplinary an offense provided for by Art. 271 liters a) from Law No. 303/2022, which refers to Art. 104 of Law No. 161/2003 reissued with further amendments;
  • The actions of the prosecutor, who repeatedly denied and confirmed his authority during communication with the police, threatened further consequences by involving the leadership of the police, assuming that they would have relationships or influence to obtain favorable appeals and solve their problems in a framework different from those regulated for of all citizens, is a disciplinary offense provided for in Art. 271 liters m) from Law No. 303/2022″.

The called articles include:

  • “Violation of the provisions of the legislation on incompatibility and prohibitions / “Magistrates are prohibited from any manifestation that contradicts the dignity of the position they hold or may affect their impartiality or prestige.”

“Using the position held to obtain favorable treatment from authorities or to intervene to settle requests, demand or accept settlement of personal interests or the interests of family members or other persons, except within the legal framework regulated for all citizens.” “.

VIDEO “Why don’t you know me?”

Daniel Horodnichan was stopped on the road by police officers from the commune of Iasi county on the grounds that he exceeded the speed limit and did not signal that he intended to overtake.

In a video released in the public domain, Daniel Horodnichanu is visibly disturbed by being stopped in traffic, asking one of the police officers if they know he is “Horodnichanu’s chief prosecutor for organized crime.” The policeman said that he did not know him, Horodnichanu asked him: “Why don’t you know me?”.

Horodnicanu was stopped on the road in the county of Iasi for overtaking without a proper signal and for driving at a speed exceeding the speed limit. The policeman replied that he was not fining him, but only demanding documents and wanted to draw his attention to the mistakes made on the road.

“I’m going to talk to the head of the IPJ,” Daniel Horodnicanu warned the policeman. Horodnichanu also said that he has been working as a prosecutor for 25 years and that he is known by all the police officers of Iasi County.

At the same time, Daniel Horodnicanu reminded the policeman that in 2016 he talked with the former minister Gabriel Opria so that the policemen would receive 15% more salary.