What is the ideal way to heat – answers in connection with a difficult winter

“Natural gas, oil or electricity?”, “What if we installed a natural gas boiler and now we want to return to oil?” and other questions that concern us on the eve of winter – Two experts answer 8 questions from “K”.

OUR Sandy Habitualphysicist and project manager for climate change and energy at the Greek office of Greenpeace and Chrysula Waitsi, Dr. Civil Engineer and General Secretary of the “Panhellenic Association of Certified Energy Inspectors”, they answer in 8 practical issues that concern citizens.

one. What is most helpful at this stage? Oil, natural gas or electricity?

Most homes, especially in cities, are heated by gas or oil burners. This year both of these options will be morespicy” than ever. According to RS Habitual, electric heating even with current electricity prices – this is quite effective, especially for those who have a well-insulated home. Attention, however, efficient electric heating does not include oil radiator and heatersboth are very energy intensive devices.

As Ms. Familiari explains: new air conditioning technology they are efficient and heat up the room very quickly. In fact, they can be good too.”additionalPlayers in a different heating system. The best choice of all are heat pumpsan important investment (since the minimum possible purchase price for a case for a small space is 3,000 euros), but which long-term works at its best. In a word, in cities, electric heating with modern radiators is currently the best solution.“.

Short brackets about its usage air conditioner: be effective in maximum, its annual maintenance is very important even if the machine is brand new. The outdoor unit must have sufficient ventilation, but at the same time must be protected from adverse weather conditions. Placing it slightly below the indoor unit also helps.

Electric heating can become even more efficient in combination with photovoltaic on the roof or in the energy community (SS: energy communities are cooperative legal entities through which groups of citizens, at least 5, carry out activities in the energy sector – production, sale and distribution of electricity, production biofuel etc).

According to Ms. Familiari, although many believe that photovoltaic cells are very expensive, at current prices pay for itself in 3-4 years. An example of their execution: For 3kW photovoltaic, i.e. the average power required by a household, the average cost is 3000 euro ( 2500 euro through the energy community) and the annual benefit is 765 euros. And saving pollutants 1800 kg carbon dioxide per year.

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According to Ms. Weiqi, in practice it is not difficult and does not require large expenses. The above applies, of course, in case the previous pipes have not been completely removed. In this case, the cost increases, and technically the whole process will … have its own fuss (it depends on single-pipedisolenium etc.).

The cost of conversion can start from 500 euros and reach from 1000 to 1500 euros.

However, both experts who spoke to “K” believe that this choice is essentially bad, even if this year oil shows that it will is more economical than natural gas.

As she speaks Mrs Waitsey: “We cannot change the heating system every time something happens in the energy market, especially considering that in a few years from now on, the old heating system in apartment buildings will have to be be abolished. Investments such as black floor heating, aluminum frames, roof insulation coke they save lives in the long run.”

Madam Familiari says that in this case, the most correct solution would be bake granule (SS small ecological pressed products tree, that is biomass). Plate granule (an evolution of the wood stove) is ideal for heating one room. Also, it does not need regular “refueling” and its operation can be programmed. It should be noted that ovens granule they circulate differently formats: oven-kitchen in which cooking is also done, pellet stoves that can heat more than one room, and pellet stoves and radiators that are connected to the house heating system, even with an oil boiler for more energy savings and for hot water. .

One of the reasons that the kitchen “cools” him a lot winter is an absorber. When we cook there’s no point in trying to warm and the kitchen, as heat is continuously removed from the room through the hood. Appropriate heat removal in the bathroom is carried out by the ventilation system (if any). Usually in cold rooms “additional” quartz furnace “new generation” (there are special devices for the bathroom) it helps a lot in extreme cold.

Experts explain that this can be achieved through constant flow of heat. Especially with regard to air conditions, but also with regard to the rest of the heating elements, a conservative, continuous heat flow is a much better solution than leaving the house “inactive” for a long time. A house whose temperature dropped to 16-17 degrees Celsius and even lower, it will heat up with difficulty and consume a lot of power to reach 22-23 degrees, which is good temperature for the winter. During the day, the body can be adjusted to 20 degrees Celsius, and at night to 16-17.

“Most of the houses in Greece, and especially those that were built before and in the late 90s there were practically no problems with insulation, and even terrible ones, ”says Ms. Habitual and adds that insulation this is critical for protection and heat retention.

“Cracks and crevices in any case must be closed. Otherwise, no matter how much we heat the room, the heat will not remain. Direct cost-effective insulation can be done with the classic blue-white insulation tape. stickiness, silicone, but also latch locking the shutter with its body. All it’s all materials can be found at paint shops.

alsoin northern numbers, helps close the shutters during Duration night. During the day, of course, despite the cold, it is better to let in natural light through the windows. Insulation is something that should are taken into account when interior at home. Small gaps under the door make it difficult to heat a certain room. Stops and small mats also help with this.

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Activation – at least 30 minutes per day – features drainage air conditioner, can work wonders in this case and without having to buy it additional device. The consumption is very small, but the effect is large.

Author: Dimitra Triantafillou

Source: Kathimerini

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