Financier CFR Cluj Nelu Varga said that the last word in the case of the transfer of Brazilian João Alves de Assis Silva, abbreviated Jo, 35 years old, is his.

Players of CFR ClujPhoto: Flaviu Buboi/NurPhoto/Shutterstock Editorial/Profimedia

Shortly after president Christy Balay announced that Jo’s transfer had fallen through, financier Nelu Varga stepped in and sent a direct message: he wields all the power at the club.

“Let’s not rush and rush to say that Jo’s transfer failed, because I decide and I have the last word. I’m the one who has to convince myself of some of the things I cry. And I will tell you now what the truth is with this player. I don’t want to take a share anymore like I did with Baptista. You know very well what happened to him, and you know how much I paid to someone who almost came to Cluj on vacation,” Varga said.

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