A student who tracks celebrity private jets says Taylor Swift’s lawyers threatened to sue him for leaking information about her flight online, the BBC reports.

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Jack Sweeney uses publicly available data to track the takeoffs and landings of planes owned by rich people and publishes them every other day, writes News.ro.

Taylor Swift’s lawyers have sent a letter to Sweeney, 21, a student at the University of Central Florida, asking him to stop disclosing the location of the singer’s private jet.

The letter, sent in December, said the information posed an “imminent threat to Swift’s safety and well-being” and was “a matter of life or death” for her.

The letter mentions numerous stalkers he has dealt with during his career and says the data provides criminals with “a road map to carry out their plans”.

The BBC says it has not independently analyzed the letter, the content of which was reported by the US press.

“I mean no harm,” Jack Sweeney told the BBC.

“I actually think Swift has some good songs. I believe in transparency and public information,” the boy said.

He added that he received the threatening letter after the media began scrutinizing Swift’s carbon footprint.

Taylor Swift takes aim at her carbon footprint

In 2022, Swift topped the list of celebrities with the highest CO2 emissions from private jets, according to digital marketing company Yard.

The organization found that its aircraft’s emissions are about 1,185 times the total annual emissions of the average person.

Last month, a 33-year-old man was arrested on charges of harassment outside Swift’s home.

A spokeswoman for Taylor Swift told American media that the posts about her plane were partly to blame.

“We cannot comment on any ongoing police investigation, but we can confirm that the timing of the pursuit suggests a connection,” spokeswoman Trey Payne said.

“Her posts tell exactly when and where she was,” she added.

Taylor Swift is going to the Super Bowl

Swift’s travel plans have also drawn increased attention from fans in recent months due to her highly publicized concert tour.

She is set to fly to Las Vegas on Sunday to watch her boyfriend play in the NFL Super Bowl, a day after his concert in Tokyo.

Sweeney’s publication does not provide any information about who is traveling on the planes or where travelers are headed after landing.

He also tracked the private flights of other wealthy Americans, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg.