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Tesla price fluctuations are quite common. After a phase of strong growth about a year and a half ago prices have dropped significantly since then.

And when a new model comes out, prices drop even more, as is the case with the Model Y now.

Less than 20% per year

At the end of last year, we told you about the possibilities of Tesla, where discounts of up to 6,450 euros on Model Y Performances are coming. Thanks to these offers, the price of these cars has been reduced to €60,000. from now on Tesla Model Y Performance is available from 55,990 euros. Price reduction of almost 20% in one year on the top model of the brand.
Obviously don’t expect any French eco-bonus for this model, even if it’s made in Europe, as it tops the €47,000 threshold. To take advantage of this price, simply choose white paint. Choosing blue or black will add €1,300 to the price, while red and gray will increase the bill by €2,600. In any case, considering the price/service ratio, and especially compared to the competition, this “sold out” Tesla Model Y Performance is quite a bargain for a premium and dynamic electric SUV.

The new Tesla Model Y is on the horizon

This sharp decline clearly shows that the time has come to significantly reduce inventory in anticipation of the long-awaited Model Y refresh, scheduled for 2024. At the moment, as with the Model 3 six months ago, information about this facelift is still available. very rare

That said, we’re expecting a slight aesthetic update to follow the new Model 3 and some new tech features.

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Author: Yann Lethuyer
Source: Auto Plus

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