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A few days ago, we reported to you on Auto Plus about several problems that iPhone 15 and BMW owners are facing. The owners noticed the sudden inability of their iPhone 15s to charge wirelessly in their cars.

As explained, this bug should be fixed with a simple software update (17.1.1) as it is not an issue directly related to the design of the iPhone 15.

Several American models are affected

But, unfortunately, it is not only in BMW that the iPhone 15 has small problems with loading. After the first reports of overheating, now there is a new problem that affects this famous wireless charging, which affects several models of the General Motors group. Reports from various users are now pointing the finger at the Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick models.

A user who owns a 2023 Chevrolet Traverse shares his impressions on Reddit: “My iPhone 12 Pro Max worked perfectly in my car. I updated my iPhone 15 Pro Max about 6 weeks ago and the feature stopped as described in other comments: charging takes a few seconds and then stops »– he explains, emphasizing the recurrence of the problem.

A new update is expected for iPhone 15

The iOS 17.1 update seems to have caused these malfunctions. Some users are reporting that their iPhone 15 was fine before installing this update. Since then, wireless charging has become problematic, after a few seconds of loading.

On the part of General Motors, the reaction was not long in coming. A spokesperson for the group confirmed that they are aware of user complaints and that an investigation is underway to identify the source of the problem.

For its part, Apple has not yet officially commented on the matter, but the update (17.1.1) mentioned earlier in the article should allow to solve this problem.

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Author: Yann Lethuyer
Source: Auto Plus

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