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Gasoline and diesel prices have continued to be incredibly high for more than two years. Actually, it started with the war in Ukraine, and the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict did not help the situation much. Not to mention that oil producing countries have decided to cut their exports to keep the price high. And this despite the fact that the demand still remains very high Taxation. And it is certainly not ready to fall as long as the authorities refuse to do so.

Advanced help

But if the state categorically does not want to reduce fuel taxes, it will still make a small gesture. In fact, he plans to offer assistance to the humblest of drivers. Then it will be a fuel check for €100, similar to the one we already had at the beginning of the year. The latter will be reserved for drivers with a basic taxable income per share below €14,000 per year. In general, 50% of motorists who works would have the right to it. But it will actually change for the better, as aid will be expanded.

New criteria

In fact, the maximum salary for applying for assistance will be increased, up to 1600 euros net for one person 1300 euros. In general, more than 60% of drivers, or 1.6 million more, will be able to use it. Be careful because you have to make a request through the online form on the impots.gouv.fr website. You will have until March 31 to take the necessary steps if you wish to receive government assistance.

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Author: Marie Lizak
Source: Auto Plus

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