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Above the numbersAutoPlus, we aim to give you the best advice on choosing your vehicle. And precisely following our recommendations, Patrick B., originally from Mero (18 years old), at the end of 2015 decided to purchase petrol version 1.6 THP 165 with Citroen C4 Picasso. Indeed, this motorist drives very little. Thus, after seven years of use, the odometer of his car shows only 62,000 km. So Patrick was surprised when his C4 Picasso jerked violently a few weeks ago. In addition, several warnings will light up on the instrument panel.

Expiration date

Without hesitation, as with every service, Patrick entrusts his car to the brand’s dealer. This one will quickly announce to him that his machine is suffering from a known evil that affects the canister. In the event of such a malfunction, the only solution is to replace the fuel tank, while the first part is integrated into the second. It is not surprising that our reader received a high rating: 1690 euros! Patrick then asks his dealer to contact the manufacturer for support. But when Citroën resumes contact with its customer, it is to inform him that he has not made any gesture on the grounds that his C4 Picasso turned 7 a few weeks ago.

Our defense strategy

It should be recognized that no part of the car is eternal. But keep in mind that on a car with a mileage of slightly more than 60,000 km, participation in the replacement of the tank is impossible only on the basis of its age C4 Picasso, this is strong coffee. Indeed, the scale of our experts shows that in the case of Patrick, Citroën should take on 70% of the amount of the intervention. Therefore, our reader only has to pay “only” 507 euros. And he is determined to succeed.

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Author: Peter H.
Source: Auto Plus

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