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After the resounding success of the Peugeot 3008 in France, as in Europe, Renault replied the more conservative Kadjar. This one could not throw off his eternal rival. With the new Arcana, the match changed its character. He played on the profile SUV coupe to mark its distinction. Despite being based on its younger sibling, the Captur, the Arkana has managed to flaunt its increased dimensions without compromising on its styling. there the silhouette is balanced and the proportions are quite harmonious for this first versatile SUV on the market.

Its distinguishing feature is, of course, its large compartment-shaped profiled roof ladder. He does not give up the trunk hatch, “mandatory” for competitions in the family category. Otherwise, this Arkana is in line with current Renault models. AND look in C which opens on the grate where the diamond sits outstanding. with more uniform traits than the clean lines of the 3008.

On gasoline or hybrid, goodbye diesel

On the technical side, Arkana is available as gasoline or gasoline-electric hybrid. Basically, two power levels are offered, from 140 or 160 horsepower. There are both combined with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. On the hybrid side, only a 145-horsepower unit is offeredin combination with a “multi-mode” automatic transmission patented by Renault. Without manual gearbox offered on Arkana.

Hybrid offers a limited fuel consumption thanks to the electric motor, which is switched on regularly, especially in the city at low speed. Its power level 145 horsepower is a bit tight on the track. 160 horsepower is better suited there for long comfortable trips. But considering current gas prices, the hybrid Arkana offers a good compromise. Between fuel consumption and driving pleasure. Launched in 2021 in Europe, Arkana has actually already been sold (on a different platform) in Russia since 2019. Four years later, it will soon go through the restyling box!

The style is closer to Australian

with the new Austral and the following Scénic and Capturnew Renault SUVs will be raining in the coming months. Arcana, to remain competitive at the entry level, should not be entitled to a new visual identity for the latter two. for to approach the Austral style. Also partly for don’t cannibalize sales of the next Austral Coupé. Thus, it will get a new lattice (impressed with a new diamond), with more modern projectors.

It’s the same at the back, where we’ll see blacked-out LED-lit headlights, an Australian trick. The instruments will be updated, and its RS Line trim will logically inherit the new Esprit Alpine. Already found on Austral. The big question mark still remains the technical aspect! It is planned to be presented at the end of the yearhe will be brought to the market next year.

Author: Quentin Panno
Source: Auto Plus

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