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Lori Barajas is an accomplished journalist, known for her insightful and thought-provoking writing on economy. She currently works as a writer at 247 news reel. With a passion for understanding the economy, Lori's writing delves deep into the financial issues that matter most, providing readers with a unique perspective on current events.

India’s central bank leaves interest rate unchanged

businessIndiaIndia's central bank leaves interest rate unchanged33 minutes ago33 minutes agoThe Reserve Bank of India kept the benchmark repo rate unchanged at 6.5% as inflationary pressures ease. However, the bank warned that some...

Trains of the Sun – Everything you need to know about rail travel to Litoral in the summer of 2023

​CFR Călători has announced that Sun Trains to Constanța and resorts will run from 16 June to 10/11 September. What is the schedule of these...

Optical fiber from OTE to 1.4 million homes by the end of 2023

The OTE Group continues its investment program to expand fiber to home network (FTTH). Last year, 350,000 more homes gained access to optical fiber, and that number will reach...

INS, first explanations for below-expected economic growth in first 3 months: trade, auto services and transport supported the economy

GDP growth for the first 3 months amounted to +0.1% (quarter-on-quarter), which corresponds to an annual increase of +2.3%. This figure was lower than the...

Revenue of 2.3 billion by 2025, dividends from 2024, goals of Alfa-Bank

The key pillars will be the business lending sector, further strengthening of the asset management sector and international activities in Romania and Cyprus. Revenue growth to 2.3 billion euros by...

Bilateral contract between Iron and RWE – KPP

Electricity will be generated by the Lakkia Mine, Rodonas and Anargyroi 3 photovoltaic plants to be built in the West Macedonia region. Long-term contracts for the purchase and sale...

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