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Lori Barajas is an accomplished journalist, known for her insightful and thought-provoking writing on economy. She currently works as a writer at 247 news reel. With a passion for understanding the economy, Lori's writing delves deep into the financial issues that matter most, providing readers with a unique perspective on current events.

Greece is more resilient than Germany in winter without Russian gas

Fitch estimates that the continued disruption of natural gas imports from Russia will limit the ability of European countries to meet their winter gas needs. Fitch Ratings estimates that Greece...

Resale at the expense of banks of “green” red loans

The return of loans to banks will mean for borrowers their return to the banking system and their right to claim financing. Shutterstock Photos The first sale of securitized...

The war hit the Russian labor market

Most of the 3,200 employees of the AvtoVAZ plant in the city of Izhevsk are on vacation. The majority of employees of foreign companies that left Russia, from the...

Economist: Have sanctions against Russia finally worked?

Photo by AP/Alexander Zemlyanichenko From the very beginning Russian invasion in Ukraine, America, Europe and their allies launched a flurry of sanctions against thousands of individuals and companies from Russia....

Energy Crisis: No more ironing, showering and oven cooking.

gate Forget about ironing, turn off the oven and take a shower at work. Europeans they are trying to cut down on energy consumption, but electricity bills are getting more...

Reuters: Greece again becomes a source of concern

Photo by INTIME/ZAKHOS GIORGOS It's only been a few years since his "nightmare" ended. Grexit. Unfortunately, creditors investors and Greece's allies should start worrying about the country again, writes...

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